Small-Mid Cap Growth Equity

Our SMID Cap Growth product has demonstrated a proven strategy and philosophy dating back to 1996. We believe that owning the truly premier growth stocks is essential to creating wealth for our clients. Our job is to identify these stocks early in their lifecycle.

Our small-mid cap (SMID) growth equity product is extremely competitive. It has a clearly defined strategy with a repeatable process that is differentiated within the marketplace.

Our methods are focused, differentiated, and improving continuously. Our focus is a company’s long-term business dynamics as we are long-term investors, not traders. By successfully identifying the businesses that have the characteristics that we are seeking, our portfolio management team delivers strong returns for our clients.

Our Approach

  • Invests in companies with market caps between $100 million and $10 billion
  • Creates a focused, opportunistic, and less constrained portfolio holding 30 and 40 stocks
  • Combines both fundamental research and proprietary quantitative modeling
  • Identifies significant “change” at a company and its growth sustainability
  • Discovers companies positioned in specialized, highly profitable, niche markets with recognizable market leadership
  • Creates the potential for significant alpha generation over time


Strategy Performance & Characteristics