Small Cap Equity

Our Small Cap equity portfolios seek consistent long-term growth of capital with reduced risk and volatility. We believe individual stock selection is the key to successful portfolio performance. The primary element of successful stock selection is the early identification of catalysts that will change investors’ views and opinions of the future prospects for individual companies.

Our strengths are our people and a disciplined and thoughtful investment approach. Skillful analysis, consistent application, and a clearly defined buy and sell discipline characterize our investment processes. A motivated and experienced team operating in an independent and supportive environment drives the process.

We seek to own companies with the following characteristics:

  • Strong revenue or predictable earnings growth outlooks
  • Positive earnings revisions
  • Superior returns on invested capital—generally the result of innovation, competitive advantage, and growing market share
  • Valuation premiums that are not excessive
  • Unique positions with identifiable market leadership
  • Strong, competitive, sustainable positions

We employ a bottom-up security selection process while having sector overweight/underweight guidelines. We hold between 60-70 securities and diversify by individual security, economic sector, and capitalization to reduce risk and volatility.

Strategy Performance & Characteristics