Large Cap Value Equity

Columbia Partners’ Large Value strategy is based on our proprietary quantitative value approach that combines fundamentals with systematic implementation.  We believe our highly structured approach is the best way to capture the long term value investing advantage.

One of the unique aspects of our strategy is our rigorous process of elimination methodology which minimizes the probability of buying underperforming stocks.  Two decades of research by Columbia Partners has demonstrated that there are a wide variety of reasons that stocks go up, but the factors of stock underperformance are more limited and consistent.  By identifying stocks that possess these adverse signals, we believe we can eliminate them from consideration and avoid holdings that undermine performance.

We believe that our investment process will continue to be successful in the future because every step of the process is tested, designed, and monitored to improve the likelihood of outperforming.  We believe our consistent implementation of our framework produces favorable odds and this portfolio will generate successful outcomes over time.  Our competitive advantage is our ability to remove behavioral errors from our investment process while capitalizing on the behavioral errors of other market participants.

Our Value Portfolio:

  • Employs a disciplined process that incorporates three tenets: Valuation, Earnings Quality; and Timeliness
  • Recognizes economic profits are the true driver of stock returns and rejects common yet less effective tools such as P/E/ and P/B ratios.
  • Applies a process of elimination to avoid holding stocks that undermine performance.
  • Invests once a quarter in order to avoid emotionally driven market timing.

Strategy Performance & Characteristics