Alternative Investments

Columbia Partners believes that alternative investment strategies offer clients a method for enhancing portfolio returns to meet their long-term objectives. Our view is that alternative methods of investing can be used to augment risk-adjusted returns when compared to portfolios that do not employ alternative strategies.

We are experienced in a variety of alternative strategies and currently advise numerous clients in strategies appropriate for their portfolios. We invite inquiries. Please contact us for more information.

Long-Short Multi-Cap U.S. Equity Strategy

Columbia Partners manages a Long-Short Multi-Cap U.S. Equity Strategy. We believe the key to successful portfolio management is in individual stock selection. Deep fundamental analysis is at the heart of our investment process and alpha generation, robust risk management, and proprietary quantitative models help manage downside volatility while deploying moderate risk. The Strategy is only appropriate for the sophisticated accredited investor who seeks opportunity for enhanced returns and has a demonstrated ability to accept risk.

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